Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a popular anti-virus program for Windows users
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 8.0 is the latest version of the popular antivirus firm. It is a program for keeping our computer safe from hundreds of thousands threats. Kapersky Ant-Virus provides protection for our computer at three levels: 1- Anti-Malware for our computer, downloaded files, e-mail and web sites. 2- System Security by monitoring all activity in our PC, 3- Online Security against internet fraud and network attacks. After an easy downloading and installing, it will immediately update its database online. Then we can select to perform a full scan of our computer, including files, folders, hard drivers, removable drivers, network drivers, e-mail, system, etc. Or we can select a quick scan. Next step it will remove all the adware, riskware, phishing site, malicious program, virus, trojan horses, malware detected. Once disinfection is completed we can apply the System Restore Wizard utility for reviewing and fixing any damaged caused by the intruders attacks. With the Wizard application we can perform a restoration of the system, search and eliminate problems in our computer, data and network and restore after infection. We can also make a rescue disk (only for Windows XP or Vista) for using in case we cannot start up our computer after a virus attack.

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  • Free trial for a 30 days period,Friendly User's Interface, Free Update of the Database Online.


  • It does not provide 100% protection against troyans.

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Koby I love Kaspersky. A friend showed it to me, and I have been dying to download it till now. It is great.

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andrew this program works like a charm, it takes a while to get used to but it can really speed up the work process, if you are like me then you type really slow, with this app you just speak into your microphone ( whether it be a headset or desk mic or even a laptop mic) it will recognize the way you say the words if any ( i had a lot of fun just saying complete jibberish and getting the funniest results) and turn it into text so you can just say what you have to say in MS word, or any text box or any instant messenger program, and it will turn your voice into text words, infact i didnt even touch my keyboard when posting this ....post....i used the latest version DNS v10 ( a birthday gift from my parents) tho it is a high piece of technology it is best to use a good voice quality mic and have a good sound card the better the mic and the better the sound card the better your DNS program will understand your voice and the better the more accurate the V2T ( voice to text) conversion will result in. . OH and the cool part is that you can add your own word to the programs word bank, (you type in your word wen adding it and then it will ask you to voice it out) i thought that was pretty cool

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Guest This is nice Internet device. It is really hi-speed Internet.
i like it for fast connection

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